Class Philosophy

Learn to Sew
When designing costumes for characters on stage anything is possible. Sewing is another outlet to dream up anything you want and make it manifest. I am teaching these classes to pass on my experiences and skills to others because sewing is not only fun and creative it is practical and universal. It’s a life-long skill of self-sufficiency. In these classes students can be proud of their skills and accomplishments without any worry or need for perfection. Students can sew something they can wear, use or give from their little fingers into the hands of others.
These classes will teach how to design and make something with personal style. Stitchers can make something with the latest trends – or start their own! Learn to make alterations so your clothes can fit and last. Be your own personal stylist! Learn skills that can apply to any fashion or craft. Hand sewing and needle art skills will be taught along with textile art, aesthetics, fashion history, fabric and pattern terminology. I want to empower people to pick up needle and thread and make it theirs!
The projects will include:

-felt, cotton, fleece and leather

-recycled, up-cycled, repurposed, reimagined materials

-fiber as art medium/ textile art

Future classes will include seasonal holiday gifts and d├ęcor, theme parties, crafting for babies, fashion design and history, theater design and more. Let me know your interests!

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