Learn to sew & design! Hands-on instruction guides students in making something as only they can imagine.  They will learn all the basics - how to thread a needle, different stitches and how to knot off plus the older kids will learn how to use patterns and the sewing machine. Without knowing it, they will be learning hand-eye coordination, how to follow step-by-step instructions while having fun creating with fabric.  They will make multiple projects to decorate, use or wear in varied materials.  Each student can progress at their own pace while being proud of a new skill and creative outlet. Beginners welcome.

Sewing Club

AGES: 9+
TIME: 4-5:30PM
students can come directly from school and set-up/work independently til class starts at 4
SUPPLIES: 2 yards fabric, 2 fat quarters, coordinating thread, machine, pins, scissors
machine rental extra per session

email to register:
payment in full before start of class.
Pay by check or Paypal

For all announcements:

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