Monday, October 28, 2013

Make & Create: Stuffed Monsters...and a give-away!

Its cold outside so we are all looking for things that are cozy and warm. Fleece is it! (I am not a knitter so I have to default to fleece!) It is a great fabric for clothes (pajamas!) and winter accessories (scarves!), as well as pillows and blankets.  It can also be easily used for sewing projects because it requires no hemming since it does not fray when cut. 
This week for my Halloween Craft Party we are making stuffed monsters (please come be crafty with us!).  Stuffed creatures can be anything and for the older kid or the more experienced sewer, you can be given the raw materials and let your imagination run wild. 

For the beginner sewer or those afraid of where to begin, this is an idea I love for a quick and easy project that even a non-crafty person can guide a young child through to introduce them to not just sewing, but to making something themselves. 
Luckily there are many fleece fabrics with fun images in bright colors on them.  Like dogs? gingerbread men? aliens?  Then all you need is a 1/4 yard of fleece!
Cut the image out, cut a matching piece for the back and sew the 2 layers together.  You might not even need to buy any stuffing because you can stuff it with the fleece scraps. 
If you keep the sewing circumference to about the size of an adult hand then a 5 year old can maintain the focus to finish and the thread will only have to be started and knotted off twice to get around.  Leave a opening to stuff it - they love that part!  You can try holding the layers while the kiddo "stabs" it with the needle in and out of the fabric edge, or "suture" it as  my doctor-mom friend says. It doesn't matter what their stitches look like.  (You can give it a quality control check after.)  When I see my son's stitches they remind me of his crayon marks on paper, they are his first tries at MAKING.
The project is adaptable to a range of skill levels so if you have multiple children of various ages they can all make the same thing but find their own ways of making it unique.  An older kid or more experienced sewer can first add embroidery stitches or other 3D details to the character. Again, make use of scraps! Doing a whip stich around the edge will be a breeze.
You can also take these cut-outs and embroider them onto a pillow, hat or sweatshirt.
Wouldn't these owls look cute at the end of a scarf, they could even be left open on the top for a pocket.
I have heard from some parents that the skill of sewing "skipped a generation" and that their kids ask them to do sewing projects but they can't. So if you don't feel like you are especially crafty, then I am giving away these cut out pieces to you to get started!  Its Fall, its chilly, and we need indoor activities. It could spark a whole new way of spending time together.  (Especially fun with gift-giving season coming up!)  I have dinosaurs, monsters, and owls to give-away. Pick them up at Wild Sage while supplies last! Email me for more info:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DOLL CLOTHES CRAFT PARTY! American Girl Doll sizes and others

Make & Create: DOLL CLOTHES

Wednesday October 16

4-5 PM

Center Square School

306 Hudson Street, Albany
off of Lark Street

Design outfits for your best friend. Simplified patterns for beginner stitchers.
Skirts, Sweaters, Nightgowns, and more. Patterns for American Girls dolls instantly customized for other dolls - or stuffed animals!
All supplies provided. $20
Email to register