Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sewing is Social: Mom and Daughter Fashions

I have met some great ladies in our first Adult Workshops.  Many of the moms said their daughters kept asking when they were going to make them something and when they were going to teach them how to sew. These girls have a budding love of fashion and the curiosity to make things themselves. Bravo to the ladies taking on the wrap skirt project. Now they can make it for, or with, their daughters. Its a fun skirt that is adaptable to many fabrics and can be designed long or short, or even pieced out of scraps. 

I also designed matching pj pants. So cute and comfy! The pattern can be fit on boys and girls. Its such an easy pattern you can knock out a set for the whole family to mark any occasion or holiday. I never wanted to spend the money on Christmas pjs but with this pattern the work is worth it for the photo op!

Thank you Ulka for posing as my "daughter" for this!

Material courtesy of Wild Sage, Delmar.

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