Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fashion Accessories: Beads and Fabric Blossoms into Necklaces, bracelets, belts...infinite variety

I had a lot of fun making these samples for the Craft Party next week. The flowers take some time but designing the layout of each necklace base don the materials in front of me was really satisfying. They are so easy to make to suit anyone's style. A great project for scraps - and beginners as well as sophisticated designers.
The flower on this blue fabric made it so easy to cut out the layers for the petals. Must remember to buy more patterns in the right scale for this project - no tracing templates! Also the petals made the best fan shape on the other blue necklace.
A wearble garden!

Another favorite thing to do is to use both the "right" and "wrong" side of the fabric. Great for making coordinating strands, or for a belt or bracelet. This adds a lot of dimension to the flowers as well.
The "beads" in the center of the purple flowers are rubber grapes. Found them in the 99 cents store and thought they would be the perfect fake jewels for a toddler necklace!
For the girls who adore pink and sparkley!

My toddler. It was so hot we were playing with ice cubes in the kitchen.

My 4 year old. He loved the necklace too. Even put it up on his head and said, " you can wear it like this too!" He then asked for one for his ankle. I thought they did look Hawaiian but he intrinsically knew to "go native!"
Decorating the body is as old as man.

I now find this necklace all over the house.  My son sees no problem wearing his necklace with his fireman helmet.

My daughter likes this pairing as well.

Here is it again with his Superman shirt.

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