Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Craft Party: Designing Fashion Accessories

In this week's craft party the girls made some really cute necklaces and bracelets with beads and fabric blossoms. The perfect accessory for these summery days!
Some even made hair blossoms and belts decorated with buttons.  Each flower the girls made was unique as them.  Not only were they making all the design choices, they were learning how to thread a needle, knot off at the end, sew on buttons, and make fabric flowers.  The ages ranged from 7-10 and four different schools were represented. 
A lot of chit chat about summer fun was shared.  They also jumped in to help others or show each other techniques they had just figured out moments before. Though a few girls had sewing experience, many did not, so it was satisfying for them to master a new skill. Especially since many went home with scrap fabric so they could keep designing and sewing at home!  I am looking forward to the next craft party with them!

She even made one for her American Girl doll!


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