Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rocket Mobile: Moms and Sons Crafting Together

My 3.75 yr old Declan invited his friend Jack, 5, and his mom Cate over to have a rainy day crafternoon.  We made rocket mobiles. 
On top was a astronaut helmet cut-out to hold their portrait. They choose some planets with stars, rings or moons to sew on. At the bottom was a rocket blasting off.  Each shape was 2 layers of felt sewn together with embroidery floss and a piece of cereal box sandwiched in between to give it structure. The moms had to give the most help with the rocket. Otherwise, after a brief tutorial, it was "I can do it myself!" all the way.
Declan even reminded me not to hold the needles in my mouth. When Declan was worried Jack was getting ahead of him we had to remind him it wasn't a competition and Jack invented the motto  "This is not a race craft!"  Brilliant.  Hats off to Cate who is not a sewer/crafter but kept up with the Jack's demands to thread his needle and knot off the thread at the end.
Declan sewing.

Jack: Self-portrait with dimples.
I love kids color choices.
The contrasting floss really shows their hard-earned stitches.

Declan gave the mobile to his Papa, telling him to hang it over his bed, so he can dream of their space adventures together.
Ciara cannot be left out of the action.
Climbed on top of table while I was taking photos.
Dreaming of Galaxies far far away

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