Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I See It, I like It, I Make It

This is the title of a cool book where I am finding inspiration for my summer craft party on accessories. It is for kids 8 and older, as they have their inner fashionista bursting and their pocketbooks not so much.  So what do you do if you want to wear a fashion trend and cant afford it? You MAKE it YOURSELF!  We will be making bright bangles, stud cuffs, ball necklaces and fringed scarves all made from everyday accessible materials.  So sweet and simple and each accessory will be uniquely you.  Cant beat that - though everyone will be asking "Where did you find that?"

All photos from P.S. I made this Erica Domesek

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bean Bags and Birthdays

My grandmother made bean bags so now making them I remember her and pass on the tradition by gifting them to my many nieces and nephews.  Bean Bags are an awesome open ended toy that encourage physical activity even when "stuck" indoors. Babies and toddlers love their texture, sound and weight. 

Even better is that my son loves MAKING them. He is an excellent bean and rice scooper and filler.  And while he goes off on a construction site fantasy, I get busy at the sewing machine. 

We are in the season of a birthday party every weekend so we have been busy crafting. We made some bean bags out of space fabric for a 2 year old friend and used black slick fabric paint to draw black masks onto green canvas for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones - I forgot to take photos of those! But that was a first for me.  But since we are in Super Hero phase I am sure it wont be the last time I take a character and take out the commercialized commodity but keep in the fun. Dclan takes great pride in making and giving these. Plus there is cake!

I bought a huge bag of buttons at a garage sale. Ciara had a great time with them working with them.

A mess I will gladly pick up

Indoor Campfire

We drove down to Brooklyn this weekend to see friends. We had missed some birthdays so presents were given at every visit. The girls were given felt fashion doll sets.

We also made this indoor campfire for our brownstone friends who don't have as much outdoor space as we do in Delmar.  Lots of fun, less gooey mess. This is a prototype for the Camp Out Craft Party we are having this summer. Besides felt and thread all you need for this project is pipe cleaners to hold up the fire and paper towel rolls for the logs and sticks.
Marshmallow velcros onto stick

safe for babies!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rocket Mobile: Moms and Sons Crafting Together

My 3.75 yr old Declan invited his friend Jack, 5, and his mom Cate over to have a rainy day crafternoon.  We made rocket mobiles. 
On top was a astronaut helmet cut-out to hold their portrait. They choose some planets with stars, rings or moons to sew on. At the bottom was a rocket blasting off.  Each shape was 2 layers of felt sewn together with embroidery floss and a piece of cereal box sandwiched in between to give it structure. The moms had to give the most help with the rocket. Otherwise, after a brief tutorial, it was "I can do it myself!" all the way.
Declan even reminded me not to hold the needles in my mouth. When Declan was worried Jack was getting ahead of him we had to remind him it wasn't a competition and Jack invented the motto  "This is not a race craft!"  Brilliant.  Hats off to Cate who is not a sewer/crafter but kept up with the Jack's demands to thread his needle and knot off the thread at the end.
Declan sewing.

Jack: Self-portrait with dimples.
I love kids color choices.
The contrasting floss really shows their hard-earned stitches.

Declan gave the mobile to his Papa, telling him to hang it over his bed, so he can dream of their space adventures together.
Ciara cannot be left out of the action.
Climbed on top of table while I was taking photos.
Dreaming of Galaxies far far away

Monday, May 13, 2013

I am partnering with Danielle, owner of Wild Sage - Handmade with Love, to host the classes at her shop. She is an amazing example of where you can take your love and skills for handmade goods and turn it into a profitable business.  I am very excited to be working in her shop with little crafters and adult sewers!  Stop by her boutique and workshop to see her unique gifts.

She is also offering 20% discount on fabric to all students!  That's a huge savings plus you don't have to drive all the way out to Jo-Ann's. She has unique fabric you wont find there anyway.  Go in to be inspired to get your summer project started!

Summer Fabric

Thanks to an awesome sale at Sew, Mama, Sew online I have some of the fabric for my summer projects! Looking forward to seeing what the other ladies have chosen.  Fabric is a great inspiration and motivator to getting it made into a wearable garment!

Tulip Update

The Tulip Festival at Washington Park gave me some real inspiration for future bouquets.  There was an amazing amount of tulip varieties and what a rainbow! Here is Ciara playing with her tulips.

Here are the tulips on my moms shelf in Chicago.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bouquet of Felt Tulips - A Mother's Day Gift

 I finished my mom's present with plenty of time to ship to Chicago.   As opposed to real flowers, these flowers will last until I get to visit with her again, a bright reminder of how much I love and miss her. She visited us before any plants were poking out of the ground - even though it was Spring Break! So she will have to come again in the summer to see this area blooming and green!
 I did a tutorial on making felt tulips here:

I dont get to see my mother that often. I moved from Chicago to NYC 12 years ago.  Luckily now I have a guest room for my parents to visit. They were here Spring Break week watching the kids while I taught the Spring Break craft parties. They also helped me prepare.  They didn't do much relaxing - 2 kids under 4 will make sure of that - but we had a lot of fun.  Gardening, cooking, crafting and Tasty Freeze!  Lots of bonding experiences with their grandchildren.

Here is my mom practicing a 5 strand jersey braid with Ciara.

And a gift for Ciara...
Toddler friendly place setting. Metal dishes, wood vase, felt flowers
Happy Mother's Day everyone. Give something from the heart. xx