Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yellow does not always signal construction vehicle

Today the sun was shining and, despite the snow and wind, it felt good to be outside.  All sorts of imaginative games were started by my son. ("Its soup for my dinosaur!" Which was quickly and proudly dumped by my daughter.)  We found a few forgotten things as the snow melted - all construction yellow - a toy school bus, a shovel and a rake. 

Seeing yellow out of the corner of my eye now always is followed by a "Mom! A digger!" Yet in the sunlight this afternoon I wished I was seeing tulips. So I made some...

Welcome to my first tutorial!
I found a tutorial for these felt tulips online through Pinterest. There were many different types of tulips and techniques. I tried to find one that was more about the folding and less about stitching. You can make a dozen of these so quickly and deliver them to a friend in need of cheering up faster than you can find a stamp for a card.
The original tutorial was not in English, so I have recreated it here for anyone interested.


Its helpful to remember that in nature there are no 2 flowers alike so I went with my tulips uniqueness and didnt worry about a perfect matching result.
 I am using inexpenxive felt for my samples and the first tulip I made felt like it was missing dimension. I came up with the idea of using a second layer and second color to make the tulip feel more "real." I used a blanket stitch on the edges. You can hide the knots in the center of the flower. (If anyone knows a stitch to go over edges please let me know. I feel like I am whipping out this stitch for almost all my projects lately.)

Now I can make a dozen of these while carrying on a conversation. My favorite type of craft.  I am going to give them to my mother who, with my dad, is coming next week to stay with the kids while I teach the Spring Break Launch Sewing classes.  They are taking the train from Chicago. Thank you mom and dad!

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  1. That's beautiful !!!
    Thank you for the tutorial I'm going to try it