Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today I had the pleasure of fine tuning my patterns and techniques for the upcoming classes with two children of a new and now dear friend of mine. Her family has really welcomed us to the neighborhood, knowing a part of their heart is still from whence we came (insert Brooklyn shout-out here). Thanks to Sonia for giving me feedback from the moment the idea of teaching sewing originated and to her two crafty kids, Ishaan and Ulka.

Sewing Kit Supply Roll

Keep all your supplies organized and ready to MAKE!

 This supply carry all can be scaled up or down to keep any number of things organized together.  The techniques used to make this can be also applied to book covers and iPad cases.  The front cover can be personalized with a monogram or image which makes a nice touch as a gift.  We will be making this in Sewing 101.

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  1. Thanks Amelia. The kids had a great time and are looking forward to their next session! Sonia