Thursday, March 14, 2013

Space Bunny Stuffie


Here is the bunny my son designed. Declan is only 4 so he couldn't do all the hand work but he could imagine - and dictate, "Not like that!" Declan traced the pattern and markered it with rocket blasts and shooting stars, naming the stuffie "Space Bunny." While I cut it out, he chose the button eyes. He then realized Space Bunny needed a helmet and attena.

I sewed it up quickly with a whip stitch while he stuck straight pins through the fabric scraps. He definitely enjoyed the stuffing - and using a pencil to shove it into the arms, legs and ears.

"Look! It's like they are growing out of the fabric!" (Hmmm Spring is in the air.)
Declan is very excited to take Space Bunny on his rocket to dreamland tonight!

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