Thursday, March 28, 2013

Embroidery Freestyle

I am learning a lot of new embroidery stitches. They are so satisfying to do in bright 5 strand thick floss. Making felt items are so forgiving too because it is easy to pull the stitches out and start over again without much wear on the floss or felt. Though you can transfer a pattern onto your fabric to stitch over, I have been doing these designs free-hand. You have to develop a good eye for placing patterns within the fabric space but otherwise you have to let the uniqueness of each stitch be the point and the beauty of hand stitching.
One of my many work spaces around the house - end of dining table.

This is a wallet I am making for my 6 year old godchild and niece Audrey who is trying very hard to make Chicago a little bit more glamorous as only a 6 year old could. I did her name in a Split Stitch and decorated it with Lazy Daisey's. I "doodled" with the Lazy Daisey stitch and tried to make a lightening bolt. May need to actually trace a pattern for that one.

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